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In spite of early adversity, Lola understood the inherent value of respected mentors.Marmolejo maintains that the best advice she ever received was to help children in need. Lola is a role model in every sense of the word. Her diligence, work ethic, and independent nature are essential characteristics of a successful friend, Mentor, and Mother. You can't help but respect her self-reliance and ability to forge ahead in a very competitive non for profit industry.

In summary Lola Marmolejo is the current Program Director at NBAP.Since 2005, she has developed strengthened and expanded participation of this valued organization, which now reaches over 50 students in more than 20 schools. She also is the volunteer coordinator at St Charles Detention Center; Trained in Legal issues in managing and protections for volunteers and also is responsible for the strategic direction and management of (NBAP). “What I love most about my position at (NBAP) is working directly with students and being continuously inspired by their energy and commitment.”
Jeff Becton

Jeffery Becton joined New Beginnings Are Possible as its Executive Director in March 2008. Mr. Becton offers NBAP more than 20 years of volunteer service dedicated to organizations serving youth. “I believe that Jeff’s path has led him to lead New Beginnings Are Possible as its Executive Director,” says Pat Molter, the organization’s founder. “For more than 20 years, Jeff has focused his energy on youth, and he never tires of guiding, mentoring and encouraging kids.
To the contrary, he seems to become more inspired as he reaches more kids,” continued Pat.

In Jeff’s words, “I believe that my purpose in life is to touch the lives of as many kids as I can – personally and through the organizations I support. The opportunity to lead New Beginnings Are Possible is a chance for me to devote all of my time to serving the kids in our neighborhood. I have seen the transformation of children as a result of an individual’s belief and commitment to them. My vision is to serve every child in our neighborhood who needs us.”


Brian Bauer aka Mr. B has been sharing his love for both technology and children as NBAP’s resident IT Specialist/Educator since 2010. When asked what he likes most about working with NBAP, Brian professes that he enjoys troubleshooting the computer equipment, designing eye catching brochures and pamphets with original graphical designs, online marketing, and researching new ways to use the technology to help students succeed in school and life. Brian holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming and Support, and is going back to school to pursue A+, Security+, and CCNA Certifications.

"But we're still falling short in some areas. Education is one example...There's so much more that can be done to ultilize technology and engage students, help teachers, and customize learning for each child."
-Bill Gates

Crystal Bell
Crystal Bell  holds the Meal/Volunteer Coordinator position, at New Beginnings are possible. She is dedicated to making sure the children in our community have life skills and education as a strong priority in their lives. For 10 years Crystal has been mentoring bridge age groups (ages 9 yrs. to 12yrs. and ages 17 yrs. to 24 yrs.) Helping them discover and understand the changes that growth brings their way.
Michelle Cunningham
Michelle Cunningham has been serving NBAP as a Youth Coordinator since 2009. Holding certificates in child development and childcare, Ms. Cunningham was drawn to NBAP simply by her love for children and desire to teach them.
Charles Watkins
Charles Watkins, Sanitation Coordinator/Driver,” serves the youth of NBAP with janitorial and van driver duties. He also engages in reading activities with children grade(s) six and under and values working one-on-one with the children most at NBAP. Mr. Watkins attends Mount Zion Wings of Glory church in Milwaukee, WI.
Charles Watkins
Lakesha Gillespie, Program Coordinator
Charles Watkins
Albert Williams, Maintenance/Driver
Charles Watkins
Joceiyn Hobbs, Teen Coordinator
Charles Watkins
Elnore McKinley, Preteen Coordinator
Charles Watkins
Alexis Green, Teen Intern